Big Kid

All the way to the office he confirms it, “Mom, I’m a little kid.”

“Yes, baby.”

“The doctor is for the big kids.”

“Yes, baby.”

“And I a little kid.”

So it went.  In the waiting room.

“I a little kid.”

In the exam room with the tech.

“I a little kid”

And even throughout Sadie’s exam.

“I a little kid.”

But then seeing how fascinating and painless an eye exam can be he began to declare during Riley’s turn to recite “O, X, T, Z”

“Mama, I a big kid.”

I knew what he was hinting at and kindly but firmly reminded that today was for watching.  He would have his chance another time.  Twice more he tried to convince and finally, seeing I would not relent, he took a different avenue.

Pat, pat on the doctor’s shoulder….

“Sir, I a big kid.”

A smile, an understanding nod.  “Is that so?  Well, you better have a seat up here then so we can look at those eyes.”

And he did.  Because that’s what big kids do.