About a Marble

I love the exploratory nature of three year olds. Though I do wish we could bypass some experiments. Pompoms and altoids up the nose, for example. (Yes, those Altoids and, for the record, “curiously strong” is apparently not a pleasant sensation in one’s nostrils.) Today, it was a marble. Swallowed it right down and then came whimpering to me with the truth of his folly. The other boy tried a penny once so I knew the drill. Make sure he’s breathing well, can swallow … Then wait. It will come out eventually.  I wasn’t concerned until he woke from his nap convinced it was still in his throat. Too late for a regular doc visit off to urgent care we went. The word of a three year old is often flawed but in this case I thought it best to err on the side of caution.  Xrays revealed all is well … or soon will be and on the way home my repentant little boy declared that he would “never, ever, ever taste a marble again.” So there’s that.


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