He Sees Ahead

The children and I are going through a book on the names of God: the names that help us glimpse His character. We’ve spent the last few weeks discovering Elohim (Strong Creator), Adonai (Lord and Master), and Jehovah-El Emeth (The LORD God of Truth), among others. And then finally we reach my favorite: Jehovah Jireh.  The book translates it as The LORD Will Provide but I’ve know Him from my childhood as The God Who Sees Ahead and Provides.  Incredibly He always has.  I glimpse Him again this week clicking through unpublished drafts from long ago.


Start with as many peaches as two adults and a little girl can pick before it gets too hot. Set aside the green ones; toss the bad ones; and divide the rest between 3 families. Take your bag home and let it sit for a couple of days while you peruse about a billion peach recipes. You will be unable to choose one but start off in faith anyway. Blanch and peel and slice your peaches. Finally settle on a random cobbler recipe chosen for no other reason than it looked easy and the peach Butter recipe from the Ball Preserving book.

Make the cobbler. Make the Butter. Realize halfway through the second recipe that you have the right amount of peaches. Not almost the right amount. Not a little short or a little over but the exact amount.


 “And my God will richly fill your every need in a glorious way through Christ Jesus.”

Philippians 4:19