Journey to Four

Motherhood is a club.  Before I was a mom it was a club in the same way that AARP is to me now.  Distant.  Something I might be a part of someday but not really worth thinking about yet.  Now that I am a mom I realize there are different club levels   You’ve got your new moms, your crunchy moms, corporate moms, know everything moms, …. and you’ve got your moms of many.  After #1 I knew I didn’t want to join that club and after #2 I knew it even more.  Two is so nice.  One Girl, One Boy.  It makes sense really, I have two hands for them to hold across the street.  Hubby and I could each take a child when we went out. I have two legs for them to occupy at story time.  Two is almost perfect.  It was the almost that baffled me.  I am a logical person.  I am not ruled by my emotions; not swayed by some prehistoric/biblical urge to produce; and yet.  And yet, my heart was not full and I dreamt of a home bustling with the activity of a larger family.








Yep, that’s better.


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  1. P.S. I love the pictures. The last one especially. Toni, you have a beautiful family! It’s been a pleasure to watch your family grow via your blog.

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