Project 52 (Week 2) Start Where You Are


Project 52 Week 2: Start where you are … The beginning of an apple tree. So small but ready to become something great. #awakeproject2013


I don’t remember how I first discovered Awesomely Awake (probably via Pinterest … it’s kind of like crack to me … in a good way.)  Anyway, Shawn who writes the blog is awesome and … awake.  And her weekly e-zine encourages me to be mindful of this beautiful life.  I like that.  Over the next year she’s posting a series of prompts designed to help us wake up via photography.  I like that even more.  This week’s prompt is: Start Where You Are.

About 3 months ago I cut open an apple and discovered a miracle inside.  How many times have I tossed out the core without a thought?  All that potential cast away in favor of momentary gain.  This time though little green shoots begged to be nurtured.  So I planted them and watered them, placed them in the sunshine and hoped.  Perhaps, ultimately, nothing will come of it.  But it reminds me nonetheless of more important miracles in front of me.  When being the parent gets hard, it reminds me to not cast away their potential in favor of momentary gain.  It reminds me to plant and water.  It reminds me to lead them to sunny places and to hope.