We Saw Venus (start to) Transit the Sun

In case you didn’t know the path of Venus crossed in front of the sun today yesterday.  It was kind of a big deal because even though you might have seen the same 8 years ago you won’t have another chance until the year 2117 and really that’s not much of a chance, is it?


Anyway, the local astronomy club set up telescopes for the public to view the event so I loaded up Brother and the Littles and drove to see.  Will left work a bit early to meet us.  And while the whole prospect seemed exciting in theory; in reality it was a little black dot crossing a big yellow dot.  Also, it was super hot and when you’re a seven year old boy your universe includes “When can we eat?” and Legos.

Not that it wasn’t worth the trip.  My biggest boy was glad he took off work and he got some pretty good pictures in exchange for the time.





(with his phone’s camera through the telescope lens … love this one.)



(random guy using a paper to reflect the image)


One thought on “We Saw Venus (start to) Transit the Sun

  1. Hi Toni! The Linns came over last evening with binoculars and a #14 shade welding lens and we viewed it from our front yard. We had spent the whole day learning about Venus and the Sun, with videos, books and activities (even cookies!) so my kids FLIPPED OUT when they saw it! My biggest kid, Rick, wouldn’t hardly come inside. He has a huge fascination with astronomy, that he has passed down to Brynne. We had thought about going out to TASM, but I’m glad we decided to stay home to do it. Glad you guys got to see it, too!

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