Hanging Your Magnet Board

A few months ago this gem of an idea from Nic and Kate floated across my Pinterest page.  It caught my eye because 1. kiddos wearing nothing but a diaper are stinkin’ cute and 2. the idea of a place to play magnets that is NOT in the kitchen is absolutely brilliant.  At our house we have a “no toys in the kitchen” rule because you know knives, fire and mommy tripping are not good combinations but somehow (in the past) if there was a magnet attached to said toy it was allowed around the rule.  No more. 

Within the week, I slipped down to our local AutoZone and snagged one of those big oil drip pans in her picture.  Not knowing quite where to hang it …. or how to hang it,  I let it reside on the living room floor while the children had their fun stomping across it, using it as a drum, picking it up and shaking it to hear that funky sound metal makes when shaken and yes, playing with magnets.  Evening came and still no hanging inspiration so I slipped it under the couch.

Since that day, it’s made many an appearance.  A large drip pan is actually helpful in oh so many circumstances: keeping Easter egg dye contained,


covered with a towel for spontaneous water play, as a landing spot for watercolor paintings to dry …. the list goes on.  Still, I didn’t want it to reside under my couch forever.  I wanted it hung so I could have cute pictures of my kids in diapers learning their alphabet.

So I returned to the original question of how to hang a large slightly floppy piece of metal and added in the mix another problem.  I not only wanted it hung I wanted it un-hangable.  It was so useful that I needed to be able to take it down…. frequently …. and with ease.

To give credit where it’s due I should tell you that Will was the one who hit upon the genius of using some kind of magnet but I was the one who scoured Amazon and found these babies.


They are magnetic tool holders and I bought two which arrived today.  So I hung them today. 



Well, almost.

If you’re wondering why one is absolutely level and the other is ever so slightly wonky; that’s a long story involving studs, a too powerful drill and crappy wall anchors. Also, there may have been a little inexperience in the mix. Still, it gets the job done.




On and off with ease and cute diaper pictures to boot.


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