Creative Writing, Anyone?

Approaching the top of the stairs the other day, I spied this setup …. a Dora game in progress, no doubt, for when I came back by later this strange pair had driven away.  Fortunately, I’d had presence of mind to snap a picture for today’s writing assignment before that happened.   Feel free to play along in the comments.


Brother’s Caption:

One time a boy was rolling his car down a hill and then his car began rolling by itself and then another boy saw the car and he was finished with his popsicle and there was no more popsicle juice on it so he put it in the car because it was headed toward a trashcan.  A little girl stopped the car and the popsicle stick flew into the trashcan that was just up ahead.  Right after, the little girl put her bread in the car (that was fake) and then the first little boy who lost his car got his car back after the little girl played with it for a while.  And everyone in this story became friends.


Sister’s Caption

The stick and the roll were driving along in their car when all of a sudden the car came to life!  It captured the stick and the roll and took them to its home planet of Mechanica.  There the Mechanicians forced them to tell about Earth’s battle tactics.  And they moved in and took over the Earth.

The End


3 thoughts on “Creative Writing, Anyone?

  1. LOL – your kids are so creative ! I love both stories and would love to see a movie made out of those fabulous scripts! Thank you for posting – you brightened my day… Hugs, Lola

  2. Wow. I’m impressed that your kids could write from this. My son would have thrown a GIANT fit and, in the end, written a physical description of the scene. Your kiddos did really well! My contribution would have to involve something ending with, “and the Popsicle stick ran away with the baguette.”

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