Today is Laundry Day

So far, I have acquired:

     *one very clean dollar bill

     *a Lego Hero Factory hand

     *two elegant drop earrings (No one in our home has pierced ears.)

     *several store receipts

     *one shipping receipt from three weeks ago

     *a tennis ball

     *and a partridge in a pear tree


Okay, maybe not that last one but the rest of it is not atypical.  What treasures does laundry at your house bring?


One thought on “Today is Laundry Day

  1. At our house, I collect magnets, library tags (not the cards, but the little tags that you can put on your keyring), K’Nex, Legos, keycards for various companies, homemade necklace beads (the necklace string comes separate by the end of the process, of course) and most often, used Kleenex.

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