Why We Have Brownies in the House

“I know,” she says!  “Let’s make chocolate cookies!”

Will and Sister have gone for pizza.  Brother plays with Legos upstairs and I am holding Z, cranky and clingy from the after effects of a too short nap. (Z, not me).

“Oh, Dora.  Mommy can’t make cookies right now.”

She either doesn’t hear or doesn’t care.  Most likely, it’s the latter.

“I know!  I get the red book.”

Away she runs to the bookcase, returning with the familiar red edition of Betty Crocker that’s been with me since high school.  I am engaged in calming Mr. Cranky and only half notice as she struggles the book to the countertop.

“OKAY!”  she exclaims in triumph. “Now, I need a stool.”

She pulls a chair from the table, wrangles it into position, and climbs aboard.

“OKAY!” she declares a second time.

“Dora, we can’t make cookies now.”

She flips to the Appetizer section first. “We need sugar.” Then on to Breads. “We need eggs.” One more flip.  “And we need chocolate cookies!”


If you’d been there, you wouldn’t have been able to say no either.


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