Heart Hoopla

Boys make me laugh.  Particularly, this boy.


Today was our homeschool co-op’s annual Valentine party.  The kids are divided by age group and then make Valentine’s for those friends.  They put said Valentine’s in decorated boxes (or bags) and one presumes said boxes to be decorated with a traditional Valentine theme of love.  Not so.

This is Brother’s box:


(see this link if you don’t already know that Heroica is battle game … with monsters and barbarians and such.)

In years past, he had a box with Spiderman swinging to the rescue (of some poor soul about to fall in love, no doubt.)

It’s not that he refuses to have a box with hearts and the like. No, what makes it humorous is that he is utterly oblivious to the fact that hearts are even an option.

I used to worry about such incongruities but having four children changes your perspective.  Namely, you have learned to nurture their creativity; helping it blossom into something beautiful are too tired to care.  And as it turned out his box sitting next to the volcano and monkey and micro-fridge seemed right at home.

Sister is not oblivious. Her box will have hearts. It will be pink. It will exude love and be utterly appropriate.


Her Valentine’s however will have animals …always, with the animals.  She’s done flamingoes, cut out animals with cute saying and little animal trivia and this year.  She’s “wild about you, Valentine.”


Inspired by an article in Family Fun magazine.

Brother stuck with being a funny boy.



The Littles seem oblivious to the reason behind all this heart hoopla but they’re cute enough that no one cares.



Though when I look in my rear-view mirror and see this


I know they’ve got this love thing down without having to be told a thing.