Thankful by The Letter: A

In light of the fact that this is Thanksgiving week our church small group is embarking on a thankfulness journey.  We’re using the letters of the alphabet as our guide in the hope that it will stretch us to look beyond the standard gratitude platitudes.  As I write this we are actually 3 days into the journey so you should be getting letter “C”; but as blogging time is a rare commodity around here I’ll start with “A” and simply share with you as I can, not worrying about the timing too much.  If you feel so inclined, I love to hear your thankful thoughts in the comments.


I am thankful for my ancestors.  The ones who were not afraid to leave comfort behind in search of a better life.  I am thankful they found that life and passed it on to me.

I am thankful for abundance.  The life I live is not one of “getting by.” My Lord has been gracious enough to supply all my needs and more.  Truly “my cup runneth over.”

I am thankful for the authority of the believer.  That is to say,  I am thankful that the Creator of the universe promises to back me up anytime Satan chooses to attack me or my family.  Because He calls me His child, I can face the enemy with fear or hesitation.  I am often remiss in exercising my authority but it exists nonetheless.

I am thankful for America.  Despite its flaws, it is still, in my humble opinion, the greatest nation on the earth today and I am blessed to live here.