A Very Early Christmas Gift

Ask Brother if he’d like to move back to our previous house and he’ll say, “Yes.” in a heartbeat.  Not necessarily because he doesn’t like where we are now but because the old place had a tree house. … a very cool, very large treehouse.  It’s been sore point for a while now.

Take Dora to the park and she will make a bee-line for either the swings or the slide.  Walk her past our neighbors swingset and your answer of, “No, not now.” will fall on deaf ears and crying eyes.

Compelling evidence for getting a swingset/fort of our own, so when a neighbor let on that she was selling hers, Will and I jumped at the chance to get one for under a gazillion dollars.

After that, all we had to do was move it….


The extraneous pieces came first.



It’s so hard to resist climbing on them.

DSCN0138 DSCN0142


Then the main structure.



Yep, that’s my dad.



Why yes, it is rather precariously balanced on that trailer.


Did I ever tell you about the time my sister needed to move a big screen TV from her third story apartment.  This was pre-flatscreens.  Imagine one of those huge box kind.  My dad couldn’t figure out how to get it down the stairs (nevermind that the movers had somehow gotten it UP the stairs) so he tied a rope around it and chunked it over the balcony.  Ok, ok – he gently lowered it to the ground but it was over the balcony.  He’s a get ‘er done kind of guy.


Moment of truth – will it tip …. or, snap



This shot doesn’t have anything to do with the swing. It’s just cute.


Sorry, back to the moment of truth.


It looks like ….



Success!  Backwards.  This is my dad saying, “Okay now we have to turn it around.”



Another cute shot.



I won’t bore you with all the less exciting setup details except to say that the structure was (amazingly) playable before sunset.  And boy, did they play.


Dora loves the swings the best but she went down that humongous slide several times with no fear.  Funny thing was that the next morning, because of course she started in first thing, she wouldn’t go down it at all.

Me: “Let me see you go down the slide!”

Dora: (pause ~ look over the precipice ~ then, oh so sweetly) “No thank you.  Green slide too big.”

Sister soon convinced her otherwise and now she zooms down at a breakneck speed.




Love this for them!  Love it!  Thanks Grandpa for the help!


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  1. It was not, ahem, “precariously balanced”. It was quite secure. Thanks to your dad.

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