An Unschooling Day … Yeah, we still do those.

This morning our homeschool coop had a picture day.  So much better than the typical school picture day because 1. The atmosphere is relaxed.  2. The photographer actually takes the time to get a good shot. and 3. Since we are homeschooling “families” you can include as many people as you want in your time slot.   Number three is especially nice for me because while I’m not the type to schedule a photo session I do like having a regular family portrait.  Will took off work for the occasion and after a leisurely morning of getting ourselves all pretty we left for our appointment.  We did not “do school.”

Seeing one of the other waiting children working on her schoolwork I confessed to the mother that we were playing hooky for the day.  It really did feel like a confession because I really did feel guilty about it especially because I know how difficult it is for us to get seatwork done of an afternoon and that, consequently; there would be no redeeming of the day… schoolwise, anyway.

Back at home, we took advantage of Dad’s presence and started a game of Quirkle,  (You know that one that requires matching, addition, critical thinking and spatial reasoning skills.)  I had to skip out about halfway through to go pick up groceries so Dad and the Littles played outside while the big kids continued their marathon of “What’s in the Bible” watching.

Later, after lunch and after Will headed off to work, there were still a lot of groceries to put away.  I had Brother help me. 

“You do all the cans in the pantry.  Try to keep like with like so things will be easier to find later.” 

In the process of clearing space in a cabinet I came across a package of sunflower seeds and some old fruit bits.

“Sister, see if you can figure out something to do with these.  Maybe the birds would like them.”

Brother had finished by this time so I handed him the back off an empty cereal box. 

“Look, this one has puzzles.  Do you want it?” 

“Sure!”  He grabbed a pen and sat down at the table to work the challenges.

Sister finishes up her bird feeder made from a plastic cup.  She’s mixed the seeds with peanut butter to make a paste for smearing all over it.  It doesn’t work as well as she’d hoped so she starts in on another plan.

I notice that two packages of toilet paper have yet to be put away.  I set Brother to the task.

“Take care of these, please.  We need a third in each restroom.”

There is a little confusion at first about what that means so we have a quick review of fractions.  Explanation complete, I go to put the Littles down for a nap.  When I come out Sister has finished her task and is practicing piano.  Brother has finished his task and is exploring PBS Kids

“Do you guys want to finish our Quirkle game?” 

It’s close to the very end but Brother pulls out the win in a last grand move. I’m kicking myself that he spotted a quirkle I missed.

Dad will be home soon so Sister starts supper while I take care of the waking Littles.

Later, Sister and I head to Hobby Lobby.  We need candle making supplies for a project she is doing with some friends.  We also get one of those US maps that hold a 50 State Quarter Collection.  After several weeks of looking, Sister finally has a complete collection and she wants to display them.  Of course, she fills the map as soon as we get home.

In our absence, Will and Brother have been playing a puzzle game on the computer.

Bedtime arrives.  The kids grab their nighttime books and turn on their reading lamps.

“Good night.”

“Good night. I love you.  See you in the morning.”


You know…. maybe we did do school today after all.