Impromptu Color Matching

Sometimes the best ideas evolve out what’s right in front of our faces.

Dora has a little activity shelf near our school area to keep her busy while the big kids do seatwork.  I change out the toys every week or so to keep it interesting.  Apparently, on this week, what I chose wasn’t interesting enough because passing by I spied this.


Do you see it?

Maybe a close up will help.


She placed the grasshopper and frog with their matching colors.  Funny thing was that while I had pulled out the puzzle for her to play with; the little figures came from who knows where.

That got me to thinking about other color matching we could do with that puzzle.  A quick house search yielded magnetic refrigerator clips and Candy Land cards. 

IMAG0650  IMAG0649

I cannot even explain all the games they derived from these simple tools. But they had fun.  Lots and lots of fun.

And I had quiet.