Balcony Math

My recent post on Staircase Math triggered a memory from this past February.  That would be the very same February that snow fell continuously on our state for days and days.  Those would be the same days and days that we spent indoors with 4 children ~ four very bored children.  So one day when tensions were especially high I pulled out Dora’s basket of Duplo blocks and we threw them from the balcony.  Amazing how much stress throwing things can relieve.  Anyway, BEFORE we started throwing things, I placed some bins on the floor below.


in the bins I placed numbers for scoring


Each person was assigned a specific block color and could drop as many blocks as they wanted as fast or as slow as they wanted.  Aiming, of course, for the bins below. 






When the basket was empty, each child was responsible for adding up their own score.  (In this instance it was easy because scoring was all about counting by 5’s or 10’s but you could do 2’s or 3’s or 12’s or whatever.)


Finally, I sent them downstairs to gather all the blocks and they came up to do it again… and again … and again.


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