Staircase Math

Sister & Brother like math and I want to keep it that way so I’m always looking for fun, tactile ways to explore new concepts.  This works mostly but I was running into trouble when it came time to review plain ol’ math facts.  Repetitive worksheets can get pretty boring but nearly every one in their math books has an entire section devoted to simply answering math facts.  Add in that neither child is especially keen on writing and their love of math was heading downhill fast.  Flashcards to the rescue … at least for now. 


Each day I pick out flashcards that match the exact problems on their respective worksheet and send them to the top of the stairs.  A correct answer allows them to take a step down and an incorrect one sends them up one.  We have a rather long staircase so this works pretty well.  You could also do it outside on the lawn and just have them step forward or back.  When they get to the bottom they are done.  As they get better I may start sending them all the way to the top for a correct answer or I may add in a time limit.  There are a lot of possible variations and hopefully, by the time we run through them all 9+7 will be as easy as 1+1.

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