Cash Organization Tip

Throughout the school year our homeschool coop hosts various events and classes.  For simplicity’s sake our leader often requests exact change.  I am not good at keeping cash on hand and am likely to have  $20 when I need a dollar or 3 quarters when I need a five.  The first year this was a source of frustration for me but now I have my system down and I thought to share it with you all who may have a similar situation.  At the beginning of the first semester, I figure out the amounts and denominations I need for various events for the whole year.  Then I get cash in those amounts and parse it out into various labeled envelopes.  If there are any large amounts coming up within three months or so I go ahead and make out checks for those, post-dating them as necessary.


Of course, there will still be random events that pop up here and there and I do have to remember to actually take the envelope to the events but this at least relieves the bulk of the stress. Smile


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