A Ninja Birthday

Brother’s 7th birthday party was tonight.  It was great!  Mostly, it was great because for the first time in 9 years of planning birthday parties for my children  ~ grand, elaborate parties full of detail and full of fun but that suck the energy out of me for a week afterward ~ I did not do the planning.  Because Brother’s birthday falls in the midst of “New School Year” planning and because my sweet hubby could see that I was already stretched to the max, he offered to handle the party for me.  Reluctant at first to place that burden on him hand over control, I finally admitted the need for help and accepted his offer.  First, he created these super cool invitations.


Then he ordered this awesome cake.


Today he took off the afternoon from work to decorate and help get the house ready.

When the guests actually arrived, he had pizza waiting


and after pizza: games.

Ninja Darts



Indoor archery (fortunate because we finally have rain!!!)


And then a few rounds of Ninja Hide n Seek.

Brother opened his gifts


and then it was time to blow out the candles.



With seven candles on the cake it only took nine tries to get the job done. Smile

The party could have ended there and been fabulous but the weather turned so nice that we all migrated outdoors to talk and watch the kids try out the new pogo stick (courtesy of our neighbors).  Then there was biking, scootering and stilt walking.

I couldn’t possibly have planned it better myself….. and I’m thinking that in the future maybe I won’t.  All hail, Will the new birthday party planner!


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