Spur of the Moment Fun

About 40 minutes away from us exists the most awesome little kid carnival park ever.  Rides range from a whopping 25 to 50 cents.  The place is clean and the people are friendly.  Tonight we went.  We’ve gone before when the Big Kids were Littles but this was Dora’s first time.  Earlier she’d awoken from her nap in a tenuous mood so I was unsure how the evening would play out but as Will reminded me later, “our steps are ordered of the Lord,” so I needn’t have worried.

The first ride was with Sis just to make sure this whole thing was going to fly.


It did.

After that she was good to go on her own. IMAG0418

Though she did allow herself to be accompanied a few more times.


Then another ride caught her eye.  “Swing!”

“Oh honey, that ride’s too big for you.”

“SWING!”  Totally, ignoring me she starts for the gate.  I take a quick assessment of my, “no.”    The ride is not really too big for her.  I mean the park will allow her to go on it.  Do I say no for her or for me?  Given the confidence standing before me the answer is easy.  It’s my fear that generated the “no” and what kind of parent would I be to push it onto her.

“Here’s your ticket, sweetie.”

“Ticket,” she repeats and toddles to the entrance.

“Uh, Mom?”  I hear behind me. Sister has come to defend the name of safety. “Those swings are way too big for her.”

I smile, “She’ll be fine.”  (I hope.)

Moments later, she is buckled and Will back from fetching water takes in the situation. He shakes his head emphatically.  “No way, She’s way too little for those.”

I laugh at him and his fear, hiding my own beneath the sound,  “Don’t worry.  She’ll do great!”

And you know what?  She did.


She smiled and laughed and giggled and shook herself back and forth in the seat and insisted on turning around to make eyes at the giggling boy behind her.


There is more but it is late and another adventure awaits tomorrow so goodnight, sleep well and when you awaken don’t be afraid to take a step of faith.  You never know the joy it might bring.


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