Homemade Salad Bar

One of my new favorite things in the kitchen is this:


Funny part is, the container is actually an old favorite thing.  I purchased it years ago and used it for sorting nuts and bolts and such.  It worked great.  Then Will got some handy dandy drawer system for his garage and didn’t need my clever solution anymore; so it languished in the back of the cupboard hidden behind bundt pans and other serving trays that also have not seen daylight in a while.  Two weeks ago; however, it caught my eye on the same day I heard tell that the reason premade salads wilt is because they are assembled too soon and that if only the ingredients are kept separate until the last possible moment then a salad will be the fresh and crisp delight one hopes for.  Delight may be a bit of a stretch here for some people but I actually love a well made salad.  Unfortunately, a well made salad takes time.  Lots of chopping and grating and assembling of ingredients and when you’re the only one in the household who wants to eat one that time seems better spent elsewhere.  Until now.  Now I can chop up about 4 days worth of fixin’s.  Whenever I have the time and whatever I’m in the mood for (This week it’s cucumbers, cheese, tomatoes, almonds, carrots, onions and one of those roasted deli chickens)  and when the salad mood strikes I’m good to go.  Another unexpected benefit:  it’s fun to assemble exactly what you want and consequently I’ve seen more than one non-salad lover in this house consuming their veggies … on purpose.


5 thoughts on “Homemade Salad Bar

  1. What a genial idea! Do you keep it in the fridge? And how big is it – it looks quite big??? How long do the salad ingredients keep fresh? Sorry for the myriad of questions… Hugs, Lola

  2. Lola ~ I do keep it in the fridge and everything stays very crisp until about day 5 when the veggies are still usable but a little soft. It has a lid so that helps too. I haven’t kept any meat past day 4 because, you know, it’s meat. The diameter is about 11 inches and the compartments are about 2 inches deep.

    Anne ~ what a sweet thing to say. Thank you.

  3. Thank you for all the information! I will definitely try to get something like this, we love salad in the summer. Greetings from soggy, thunderstorm-ridden Germany :)

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