Lake Pictures

Tonight we took our first trip of the summer to a nearby lake. We put on our suits, packed up sandwiches and left the house at the same time Dad left work.   I’ve no pictures to show you because I didn’t take my camera.  I didn’t take my camera because 1) my actual camera battery was dead, 2) my secondary camera resides in my somewhat irreplaceable phone and 3) because sometimes I get tired of being the photographer recording the moment.  Sometimes I just want to enjoy the moment.  So tonight I did.  Not that there weren’t plenty of opportunities for photos.

There was Brother carrying 2 towels, diaper bag and a too big beach ball.  And the look of terror on his face when the wind caught the ball and he realized there was nothing he could do to save it.  There were Sister’s legs pumping like pistons as she dropped her own load and sprinted across the sand to save it for him.

There was the delight in Dora’s eyes when she finally realized that the water was not evil and that it was not out to get her with its insidious wetness.

Brother making sand angels and sifting for treasure.

Little Z wearing his baby blue swim shirt (purchased in a sale last summer before he’d even arrived) and Dora’s old hot pink swim hat which she would never keep on but that he rather liked.

Sister dancing with glee on the picnic table with the setting sun casting an angelic sort of glow on her cheeks.

Dora pulling her little plastic red wagon, filled to the brim with bucket and digging tools,  all the way from the water’s edge to the grass at the end of the sand.  She knew she’d done a big thing and the picture of pride on her face I’ve tucked away in my memory to look at again later along with all the rest.

It was a good evening.


4 thoughts on “Lake Pictures

  1. Thank you so much for the vived picture you painted in my mind! You have a way with words- wow… Hugs, Lola

  2. I’ve been ditching the camera more and more often. It’s harder to be a part of what’s happening from behind the lens. Still, you captured some beautiful images here! I love days like that!

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