I love making elaborate learning creations (like this one) for my kiddos but I am reminded today that learning opportunities are everywhere.

DSCN3220 - Copy

They’re not always pretty …

 DSCN3221 - Copy

Or something you want out when company comes calling.  (That is to say, out in the kitchen … of course, you want it out … I mean, “available” not “out” … oh, nevermind.)

 DSCN3222 - Copy

But truly great manipulative isn’t about the pretty; it’s about the learning.


Dora worked at this self-imposed task for almost 20 minutes eventually completing a tower of six.  She was clearly proud of her accomplishment … for approximately .34 seconds and then she moved on without fanfare to explore elsewhere.


One thought on “Towers

  1. Cool! wow, isn’t it amazing how keen kids are on learning, and how determined they are… Well, and I think toilet paper rolls are among the safest toys ever.. duh! LOL – thank you for posting this! Hugs, Lola

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