How to Make Super Cute Award Ribbons

Our family is hosting a pet show this Saturday (more on that after the fact) and there are lots of things to do in preparation.  Namely, we must have ribbons.  Cute ribbons.  Ribbons that scream, “Win me!! Win me!!”  but don’t cost an arm and a leg.  So this is what we did.

Start with 2 feet of 1“ wide ruffled ribbon cut into 8 equal pieces. (That’s 3” each.)

You will also need 6 inches of coordinating 1.5” ribbon.

Make diagonal cuts on each end of the larger ribbon like so:


Now you have this:














From coordinating cardstock cut two 1 3/4” circles.  I have this handy dandy scalloped punch so we used that.














It’s time to start assembling.

On the back side of your circle glue 4 pieces of ribbon in a cross.


We used hot glue which sped the process considerably since we didn’t have to wait for anything to dry.


Now fill in with the remaining 4 pieces of ruffled ribbon


Once all eight pieces are secured begin folding and gluing each piece back on itself creating a loop.

DSCN3310  DSCN3312

When all the loops are made attach the pointed end of the larger ribbon piece to the back.


Now attach your second cardstock circle to cover all the glue and unfinished edges.


Your done!



Oh and remember how I said they wouldn’t break the bank.  Final cost approx 35 cents per ribbon.  To be fair we snatched our ribbon up at a 50% off sale but even at 70 cents per these cuties are highly affordable and oh so awardable. :)

They can also be made with paper.


4 thoughts on “How to Make Super Cute Award Ribbons

  1. Beautiful! Super cute and such a good idea – thank you for posting the tutorial! Greetings from Germany – Lola

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  3. Aww how cute! These ribbons are amazing! I want to do something like this for my kids! We order award ribbons all the time for our kids and a church program my husband and I work for. Great Idea and amazing post! Ill be checking back here.

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