70 Degree Weather Calls for a Trip to the Zoo

I usually hesitate to schedule anything during naptime but this was one of those weeks that deserved to have something nice happen at the end; so this afternoon we met our homeschool group at the zoo to watch the penguin feeding.


Big kids enjoyed it.  Little kids didn’t really seem to care. (To be fair this picture is smack dab in the middle of naptime.)


Then we saw the rhinos.


Up close and personal like.


The tortoises were on Brother’s must see list. It’s been one of his favorite exhibits for some time now.  (I suspect that he relates to them on some level.)



And what’s the point of stopping by the turtles if you don’t stop by THE turtle. :)


Sister scaled a big rock that none of the boys in this picture could; eliciting cheers from the random lady standing behind me.


We also made a trek through the rain forest. (Still no poison dart frogs for the curious among you.)

But this was by far the highlight of the trip.

 DSCN1953                  DSCN3254 

An insider tip for my local friends.  If you choose to do this, wait until there is no line and they’ll let you go a lot longer. ;)

Also, remind me to tell you later about the current go-to snack in this Simple household.  It’s super-easy.  Highly portable and if you have some in your car after a trip to the zoo it’s 98% guaranteed to eliminate melt-downs.


2 thoughts on “70 Degree Weather Calls for a Trip to the Zoo

  1. Wow, that looks so much fun! Please give my compliments to Sister for conquering that rock climb – awesome!
    And what what what is that wonderful, highly portable snack???? Tell us , please – pretty pleeeease?
    Hugs, Lola from Germany

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