3 Freaky Things

Freaky Thing #1

It’s getting close to 10am, the kids are upstairs so I jingle the bells (Our signal that they need to come to the balcony to see what I need.)  Sister comes, “Yes?” she asks.  I shake my head – a signal to wait.  I don’t want to have to repeat myself for Brother but what I intend to say is, “If you haven’t had breakfast yet then you need to come get something now.” 

Brother bursts onto the scene, clearly agitated at having been interrupted he exclaims, “I already had a banana!”

Sister looks sideways at him, “What?”

“I already had a banana,” he repeats. looking at me in a ‘Can I go now?’ sort of way.

Sister is still looking at him as am I; neither of us saying anything.  Sensing our puzzlement, I suppose, he asks, “Wait. What did you say?”

“She didn’t say anything,” Sister offers.


Freaky Thing #2

I am culling books to make room on our bookshelf and come across a craft/activity book I’ve never used.  It looks interesting so I take a break to thumb through it.  Near the end there is an activity for “Mixing Colors”.  The book list the ingredients you need (Simple things from the kitchen ~ I have them all.) and it tells how to assemble them but it does NOT tell what happens and there is no picture.  I call the kids.  “Lets do this and see what happens!”  I could bore you with the details or I could send you here and you can see for yourself.  These are the daughters of my long-time bloggy friend, Leslie, who, from the date stamp on her post, was writing about the very same activity at almost the same time we were doing it.



Freaky Thing #3

It’s time for the kids to help with dinner.  They are upstairs again so I am walking across the room to jingle the bells.  Before I get there Brother comes out onto the balcony,

“Sister come on!”, he calls.

“What?”,  she replies.

“Mom needs us.”


Welcome to my life … the new Twighlight Zone … apparently.


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  1. Okay, I had a child like that! “they” say that children have not become cynical yet and take the talent for granted! It is kinda eerie though, isn’t it?

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