The Word for the Day is: Delegate

Having four children has made me realize more than ever that I cannot do everything on my own.  Of course, I couldn’t do it all by myself even before I had children but back then I was too proud and stubborn to acknowledge that fact.  My children have humbled me in so many ways. Puke and poop and comments like “mommy, why do you always groan when you get up” will do that.  The most important humbling thing they have taught me though is this: it is okay to accept help; even sometimes to ask for it.  As a parent I cannot stand it when I see them struggling with something I would willingly help with.  In fact “help” is one of the first signs we teach our children when they are young.  There is a story I like about a father watching his son trying to move a heavy object.  The little boy is clearly frustrated from the trying when the father asks, “Are you using all your strength?”  The boy, exasperated, replies, “Yes!”  and the father answers, “No, you’re not.  I’m standing right here.”

This week ladies from our homeschool coop are bringing dinners for my family.  Ten years ago I would have refused the offer.  I can do it myyy self.  Five years ago I would have refused but wished that I weren’t too proud to accept.  This week I accept their blessing gratefully.  There is no shame in walking this life holding the hands of others.  Indeed it’s what makes the walking worthwhile.



*p.s. no time to proofread this post.  Hoping it makes sense. :)


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