Poetry Explained in Real Words

Melissa Wiley on her blog Here in the Bonny Glen recommended a poetry blog today.  She writes: 

“Her name is Amy Ludwig VanDerwater, and she had the best coat at the convention, and she kept me in stitches with her stories. She’s a poet and a writing teacher, and her blog, The Poem Farm, is kind of incredible because Amy writes and posts a new poem every day. She’s on day 210 now. Two hundred and ten original poems in as many days! I’m in awe.

Homeschooling moms and teachers take note: what Amy does on her blog is really unique. Besides sharing her poems, she writes about the process—what sparks the idea, what stages the poem goes through along the way. “

Anyway, on that note I skipped over to see what it was all about and I think I’ll definitely be weaving this one into our lesson plans and thought some of you might like to as well.

As for Melissa Wiley, she is the author of several companion books to the Little House series and a great source of book recommendations for our family.  We would have never heard of Betsy-Tacy without her.

And since we’re talking about poetry here’s a narrative verse Sister wrote last week.  So far we’ve studied several types of poetry (including limericks and haikus ~ her favorites) and for each type I have her write her own.  She complains greatly at the beginning but is so proud each time she finishes.




2 thoughts on “Poetry Explained in Real Words

  1. Hi Toni,
    Thank you for your kind words about The Poem Farm. If there is a Friday that you would like to share something you do with your children with poetry at home, I’d love to feature it! (See the “Classroom Poetry Peeks” on the right hand sidebar…I am hoping to work more with homeschooling families!)
    Take Care,

  2. Hi Sister,
    “And now I can ride on his back
    with the wind in my hair
    and people declare,
    ‘Tis the dragon rider'”
    Training a dragon for saddle (and battle!) sounds like a dream come true.
    Your Friend,

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