On Having, Getting and Giving

Brother asked to pray the prayer at supper this evening.

“Dear Lord, thank you for this food.  Thank you that we had a good day at school today. Help us to be sharable people and to love You most of all.  Amen”

So sweet.  I laughed a little to myself at the “sharable people” part but as I reflected upon it more I realized how inspired his request was. Tonight is not the first time this week such an idea has knocked at my door. 

Our church is reading the book Primal together.  I’m not certain where everyone else is but I’ve finally made it past Chapter 3 where the author talks about money.  “Where your treasure is there your heart will be also” and all that.  I am convicted.  Will and I have always been givers.  Since our marriage began we have never not tithed and I truly believe that simple decision is directly responsible for the blessing we experience now.  But I am convicted nonetheless because several years ago we discussed reaching what Mark Batterson calls a “income ceiling”.  We concluded that if our income ever reached what seemed at the time an unattainably high number that would be all we’d need.  Everything beyond it we would probably just give to missions or something.  I am convicted because our income is now almost twice that number but we don’t give half of it to “missions or something” … not even close.  To be fair, our family has more than doubled since our original discussion so, of course, expenses have increased but the real question is not about the logistics of the matter.  The real question is about my heart. Is it a sharable one? Really?  Because if a sharable heart is one that is chasing after God and His desires then I don’t want to just share.  I want to share outrageously.  And I’m not … yet. 

But my prayer tonight is this: that God will not only show me ways to cut our expenses so that money can be redirected to Kingdom causes but also to help me re-align my priorities to match His desires instead of my own.

Dear Lord, help me to be a sharable person and to love You most of all.  Amen


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