And Today Started Out So Well Too …

First, Dora who has been feverish and grumpy for days and who developed a terrible looking rash to go along with her grumpiness was finally happy and (basically) well again.  Then while Will attended a men’s breakfast at our church the kids and I had a leisurely breakfast and made some progress on house projects.  For lunch we cleared the fridge of leftovers and then in between kid naps and cleaning and other sundry activities Will and I talked some philosophy and did some goal setting and had general grown up conversation.  It was lovely. 

And then the tide of goodness turned.

Brother complained of a stomach ache but we were on our way out the door to attend a party so we gave him some water and told him we’d eat soon.  He hadn’t eaten much at lunch so it was probably just that, right?  Wrong.  Moments after walking through the door at our destination Brother blessed Will (who was holding him) with all the lunch he had eaten and part of breakfast too.  Will did a quick about face and took him out on the front lawn to finish and clean up.  A lady having a garage sale across the street saw what was happening and came over with a clean shirt for Will.  We were exceedingly grateful for her generosity because his other shirt was un-wearable.  Besides the new shirt was actually pretty cool.


Almost ….


Having survived an uncomfortable evening, we are now going to bed early ~ all of us.  Goodnight world, here’s to a better tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “And Today Started Out So Well Too …

  1. oh no! My best wishes for a speedy recovery to Brother – and my compliments to Will, who wore his shirt with good humour and a sort of bravado… giggles! Hugs to y’all – Lola

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