A Quick Trip

We traveled to the City this past weekend.  There were some folks we hadn’t seen in a while so we decided to make a visiting trip.  When we told the grandparents what we were doing they suggested maybe the big kids could have a sleepover at their house and what did we think about that?  What did I think?  I think grandparents rock!

Sister had a skate date to attend with a friend before we could leave town on Friday and though I wished we could have left a little earlier to accommodate Dora’s nap everything worked out all right in the end and it was worth it to Sister (and therefore to me) because she had a great time.  I love seeing the friendships she’s developing.

Arriving at the grandparents Friday evening we discovered presents and cake to make up for missed birthdays.  How fun is that?



After a bit of catching up, we left the kids in good hands and headed to our hotel to be alone. … Well, as alone as a couple can be with a toddler in tow. :)

The next morning we met the grandparents again to have breakfast (Why have I never eaten at Ihop before?  It was super yummy.) and spend a little Toys R Us time. (Because what good is having grandparents if they don’t take you to Toys R Us once in a while?  Ahem.)

With two more visits left in the day we said goodbye and began our 15 minute drive.  At least it should have been a 15 minute drive.  Almost 90 minutes later, between construction and ambiguous directions, we arrived for brunch … now lunch.  The visit was nice and all was well until we got in the car again.  From that point on we seemed destined for hazards and misdirection.  Twice we were almost sideswiped by completely oblivious drivers.  Both times only Will’s quick reflexes (and our guardian angels) kept us from disaster.

I’m glad to have made the trip because it was obviously important but so so glad to be home.


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  1. I’m glad that you had some fun – and , what’s more important, that you arrived back home safe and sound! Hugs, Lola

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