Phound on My Phone

When I finally upgraded to a phone that could take pictures I was so excited.  This will be great!  I’ll always have a camera with me to catch those random moments of cuteness.  There was only one flaw in this plan.  I had no idea how to get pictures off of my phone besides emailing each one to myself individually and incurring a per kilobyte fee that I just wasn’t willing to cough up.

Finally, I got myself down to Radio Shack (which I love for all things electronic) and they literally hooked me up.  In no particular order, here’s a peak at the randomness and cuteness we found (You can click on a picture to see it larger but I warn you only a few of them are actually worth it.):

Pooh drinking from a cup … not sure why



After so much rain, when Sister just *had* to show me her “waterfall” and also the muddy mess she could become by slipping on a loose rock.

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Fishing at Big Cedar after I dropped my actual camera in the lake.

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Random park we stopped at on our way home from Big Cedar.  A picnic of leftovers and some time to run around improved everybody’s moods immensely.

0423101501-00 0423101502-00 0423101525-00 0423101526-00 0423101526-01


Sister learns to mow.



Dora learns to climb.

 0616100846-00 0616100846-01


Making S’mores with our very own solar oven.

 0814091336-00 0814091341-01  0814091342-01 0814091344-00 


Cute baby shots

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Random cat in clothing



Random children in sunglasses.

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Dora as Santa

1222091610-00 1222091610-01 1222091612-00 1222091612-01


2 thoughts on “Phound on My Phone

  1. Oh such sweet pics ! Your kids look great, as always, and I luuuuurve the Mom and Baby pic ….
    From a purely artistic point of view (which is, of course, only relevant for entering in photo contest…LOL), I like the pic with your foot in front of the cocoa-bottle (?). Inquiring minds cannot help but ponder the question if your toenails had been color-coordinated to match the picnic blanket… (just pulling your leg, but I really like that pic!).

  2. Oh my goodness, the random cat in clothing made me laugh! Dora is adorable. Brother and Sister have grown so much, “cute” and “adorable” don’t seem to be the right words, but that’s what they are.

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