A Little Excitement

Tonight I asked Brother to go get in his pajamas and moments later he emerged from his room with this to share.

“Mom.  There. is. a. bird. in. my. room.”

He’s been telling knock-knock jokes all day and I think that he’s stepped up his joking to include trickery … anything to postpone bedtime, right?



It was a real bird and it was really in his room.  (Later we determined it must have entered through the entrance to the attic which was slightly ajar.) Much excitement followed but in the end Dad was able to open the window and the bird flew out unharmed.

Sister’s comment?

“Maybe tomorrow I can have a bird in my room.”



3 thoughts on “A Little Excitement

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  2. I read this to my 7 year old and she got a chuckle out of it. She thinks a bird in her room would be cool too. But the cats might get it.

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