Blackberry Picking


On Thursday our local homeschool group met for blackberry picking.  We did not go with them.  We tried but Little Miss Wake-Up-Every-Hour-Of-The-Night made for a grumpy and not very together Mom Thursday morning.  Also, Dad works from home on Thursdays and tends to make breakfast for everyone to eat … together.  He cooks an awesome meandering sort of breakfast that’s great for drinking coffee and having conversation ~not so great for getting three kids out of the house.  Sometime around 8:30 we realized that berry picking needed to be taken off the day’s agenda but that was okay because just talking about it made Dad jealous of all the fun we were going to have and consequently we planned our own family outing for Saturday.

We loaded up a little after 8 and headed to a nearby doughnut shop for nourishment.  What? You don’t consider doughnuts nourishing?  Anyway, we arrived at the blackberry farm high on sugar and ready to pick.












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