Baby Pictures

Since I was nursing when baby #4 surprised us by his presence we weren’t sure of the due date so we went to see Barbara.  She gave us these.

UltrasoundBaby4 001

UltrasoundBaby4 002

and a due date of Nov 18th … you know, because having a newborn in the mix will really make the holiday season go more smoothly.

She also told us our baby to be is a boy (which, for the record, I knew already).  Sister and Brother are both pleased with this information.  Sister because it means that she won’t have to share her room with another sibling and Brother because he likes things to be even.

She also told us that Baby is super healthy and perfect in every way.  (She didn’t use those exact words but that’s what she meant.) but she also informed us that we have marginal placenta previa.  Probably everything will be just fine because it’s still so early in the pregnancy but later we will make a trip to see Barbara again to be sure.  Other than that all is well.

As a bonus for you, here’s a baby picture that Sister drew for me when we returned.




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  1. Awesome! I’m so happy for you! Can’t wait to meet him. We need to get together soon to hang out and let the kids play!

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