Barbie Gets A New Dress

Yesterday Sister asked if we could make a dress for one of her Barbie dolls.  Sure, I thought, I can find some stretchy material and artfully arrange it around Barbie such that it slightly resembles an outfit but this was not what Sister meant.  She meant actually sew a Barbie dress and at this though I balked because my sewing machine and I are incompatible.  We’ve tried to make it work (created some curtains together, hemmed a couple of jeans) but our relationship has never become what you’d call serious.  In fact it spends the bulk of its time in the closet cleverly disguised as a clothes rack.  But for Sister I would try again.  After all, how hard could it be to make something for an 11 inch doll.  …… Ahem.


We worked on it most of the day off and on (mostly off when I snuck away and ate oreos to relieve stress) but finally after much broken thread and bobbins that inexplicably stop producing stitches it was completed.  Sister loves it.   I see mostly flaws but I wanted to share it with you today so that I could also share this wonderful tutorial without which this sewing challenged mom could not have made her little girl’s day.

BTW – I also found these other great links for doll clothes which I may also try …. after I get another package of oreos in the house.  After all, there’s no use starting a project unprepared.

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