I Don’t Have Time For This But …

ATC? What’s that?

Art you spend hours on then

give? away?


What’s the point?

I need a point.

Try it?


I might like it? Hah!

Fat chance of that but okay

just once … for you …

because you like it.

I think it’s silly

a waste of time ….

a …. a …. release …..

hmmm, nothing to do with

nothing but … fun …

a little (maybe a lot)


Okay ~ you got me.



This is my first attempt at an Artist Trading Card.  I printed two copies of the picture (taken many years ago in a college photography class), wove them together and modge podged the top after adding the words.


It’s not exactly what I envisioned but all in all, I was pleased. And the recipient seemed to like it well enough.


One thought on “I Don’t Have Time For This But …

  1. That is SO cute and downright inspired.

    I received your minty gift the other day; thank you so much! You put a smile on my face. I miss you!

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