Raspberry Frozen Yogurt from a Well-Stocked Pantry.

If you want to make Raspberry Frozen Yogurt per this recipe then you’ll need 2 cups of yogurt.  But you may not have the kind specified so you’ll have to replace it with this.


and a couple of splashes of this


Next you will need some whole milk but because you only have 2% you’ll substitute with this.


which you will totally justify because there was no fat in your yogurt.  So there.

Whisk all that with some sugar (which you’ve got in abundance) until it’s smooth then set it aside.

Now grab some frozen raspberries … and thaw them. (If that isn’t counter-intuitive I don’t know what is but the recipe said to and I *always* follow the recipe.  …. ahem.)


Of course you won’t have right amount of raspberries because at some unknown time the bag was opened and and handful or three escaped.  It’s okay.  Puree the heck out of what you’ve got and add a sprinkling of sugar and some water so your old blender doesn’t keel over from the strain.  Now set a sieve over your yogurt blend and pour the raspberry goo into it.  Using a rubber spatula work the mixture through the sieve and leave all those pesky seeds behind.  Probably all the nutrition is actually in the seeds but whatever.  Thoroughly mix the yogurt and raspberry together.


Finally, pour your concoction into one of these babies (and by “these” I mean this exact kind because it’s the best one ever.  No ice, no salt, no ice/salt mess.) and flip the switch.


In 20 to 30 minutes you’ll go from this:


to this:




And all will be right with the world.



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  1. Yum! Thanks for sharing!
    I had to stop by your blog! Love the heading “yet another mommy blogging about how cute her kids are!”
    lol! Sooo true! That’s all I do on my blog!

    Thanks for the recipe. Can’t wait to try it!

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