Almost Perfect

It all started with a message from Aunt R. “Hey, do you all want to do a date swap?”  The answer to this question is a given, “YES.”  For our part we take care of the cutest niece on the planet for a few hours.  Let her play with our kids, let her eat with our kids, put her to sleep with our kids.  Our lives run almost exactly as they always do just with one more warm body around.  Then the following morning Aunt R. takes a turn. while we go to breakfast sans children (even the baby!)  It’s not really a fair swap and I told her so once but then decided that maybe I’d do better to keep my mouth shut.  And the kiddos love date swap days because Aunt R. is far cooler than Mom ever thought about being and she let’s them have food upstairs.

So …. we’re at breakfast discussing the state of the union and solving all the worlds problems and generally having a great time carrying on an uninterrupted discussion when we get sidetracked by this:


First of all I’m unsure of the quality of gun classes given by a breakfast joint but wait there’s more ….


“All the coffee you can drink”?!  Because what we really need are a lot people hopped up on caffeine and carrying concealed weapons.

Uhm, ok … moving on….

Spring is coming (and if it’s not don’t tell me.  I like my deluded world.)  So after breakfast we went wandering through the landscaping section of Home Depot; making big plans and wishing it weren’t so cold.

A text from Aunt R. says “baby’s asleep. take your time.”  It’s a wonderment.  Little miss, “I never go to sleep unless someone (guess who that is) nurses me first.”  totally conks out for Aunt R.

Worry behind us we drive to the library to find some night time reading for Sister.  She’s reading every night now and likes to have books that are short enough to finish in an evening but long enough to make a good story.  Not as easy to find as you might imagine.  Even so, Will and I came home with several possibilities.  I love the library.  Also, on our way we saw these:

DSCN2271 DSCN2272

How random and fun was that?

Fast forward to today …..

Lovely weather, Dora outside stretching her legs,


lots of gardening discussion and landscaping discussion and the big project of determining our actual property line.


Tired babies,


hunting for crawdads


and this most awesome huevos ranchero recipe cooked by my wonderful hubby … He even cleaned up … mostly.

Unfortunately, this weekend had one inherent flaw.

The End.


3 thoughts on “Almost Perfect

  1. Hahaha! Boy did you make me smile and laugh with this post….so cute! Seriously though, I don’t get the short end of the stick….if only I had more time to spend with my neices and nephews than this little span of time on a Saturday morning….that would be a real treat….I feel blessed to get to do this (and the night out with friends on Fridays isn’t bad either)…hehe!

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