A Math Activity that Had Potential

“Hey kids!  Let’s have a scavenger hunt!”

“Yea!”, “I love scavenger hunts!”

“This is going to be a measuring scavenger hunt.  Okay?”

“Okay”, “Cool”

So I handed them a sheet with the following and gave a little basic instruction on what they were looking for.



1 – 3 INCHES _____________________

5 – 10 INCHES _____________________

10 – 15 INCHES _____________________

15 – 20 INCHES _____________________

20 – 30 INCHES _____________________

30 – 40 INCHES _____________________

40 – 50 INCHES _____________________

50 – 60 INCHES _____________________


She was to write in what they found and he was to take a picture.  They were over halfway finished and all was going well until he decided to be a typical boy and swing the camera like a lasso over his head and she decided to react like a typical big sister and tell him to stop.  It pretty much deteriorated from there.

Still, I maintain that in some ideal world this could work.

*updated to add a couple of pictures that survived the carnage

DSCN2179 DSCN2180



3 thoughts on “A Math Activity that Had Potential

  1. Genius! I am definitely going to do this with my 9yo.
    Or a money one in the grocery store….
    Hmm, you’ve got my mind turning! Thanks!

  2. Okay… we are totally doing this! Love it! Once Selah is finished writing (well… now she’s illustrating) her story for the PBS writing contest, we will have fun with this math activity. Fun! Fun!

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