Valentine’s 2010

I tried to convince them.  I suggested and cajoled.  I almost begged.  Almost.  Maybe I should have but they were so sure.

No, we do not want store bought Valentine’s.  We want to make them.  Yes, all 41 of them.  Each.  (That’s 82, but who’s counting?)

And you know what?  They did. (Well, she did and he helped assemble the pieces that I had printed and cut out the night before while watching the season premiere of Lost.)


DSCN2126 DSCN2122


In other Valentine news there was no romantic date because Brother had an unfortunate ‘bout of “I don’t feel so good’s” just as we were getting ready to walk out the door. BUT Will did have this delivered:


It’s a replacement for the one he designed himself and purchased for my birthday after hearing a random comment I made about how much I love  It’s a replacement for the one I adored but that got stained and would never come completely clean.  And this time around he included a bonus for Dora.


And one last bit of romance news.

Last night was not as restful as I’d have liked so this afternoon I lay down on the couch for a nap. Before I did I told Will I was debating whether to make cookies or take a nap but the nap was winning.  He laughed and woke me up an hour later with a glass of milk and a plate of warm cookies he’d made while I was sleeping.  So sweet.

[Insert picture of cookies here ]

You’ll have to use your imagination for this one. They disappeared too fast to be photographed. :)


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  1. Your valentines were the best ever. Elle loved her flamingo. The Amazon shirt(s) are adorable…how clever. And finally, you have the most amazing hubby ever! How unbelievably sweet to have warm cookies and milk waiting for you when you woke up from your much deserved nap! I’m impressed!

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