Primitive Art

Each Wednesday, Grandma and Papa bring my niece for an afternoon of play.  The kids do well enough together on their own but today I thought it might be fun to have a project.  Brother’s been learning about cave dwellers and our art book has a great picture of the Lascaux cave paintings.  A quick search turned up this fun art project.

Us 007

First the making of the mud … I mean, paint.  We collected the dirt ourselves but left the lard making to Crisco.  I’ve been down that road before and it ain’t pretty.

Us 014 

See all those bowls?  You can never have too many shades of brown.

Us 001

We hung open paper bags in a little alcove outside my front door then had the kids go into their “cave” and start painting.  Technically speaking letting them paint directly on the brick would have been more realistic but the Lascaux paintings have been there for hundreds of years and I wasn’t sure I wanted muddy drawings on my alcove for that long.

Us 009 Us 010

Us 008 Us 012

Ultimately this experience taught us that although cave paintings may look primitive anyone who can get mud to look like anything other than mud is one heck of an artist.


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