Long Live the Gift Card

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So Christmas came and went and with it came the standard “grandma” money.  Some people think that giving cash or gift cards is kind of a cop out.  Crazy people who feel a little care and forethought should go into each purchase.    Ahem. *cough, cough*  Okay, I admit I’m one of them.  (My name is Toni and I’m a gift snob. ~altogether now~ Hi Toni.) But I’m only a snob in regards to gifts I GIVE.  When it comes to receiving ~ bring on the cash.  What’s better than being able to pick out exactly what you want without worrying about messing up your budget.  Also, sometimes there is just no way anyone would ever guess what you really wanted or if they did they might think it was too old/young for you and not get it anyway.  Case in point:  Monopoly City.  The box says ages 8 and up.  The 5 year old says, “Phooey on that!” (By the by, isn’t “phooey” a little bit of a screwy word?  That many vowels should not be able to co-exist together so peacefully.)  Anyway, Brother spent his gift money on a game we were all convinced he had no business buying but there was no talking him out of it.  Consequently, we’ve spent the last three nights gathered around the table building skyscrapers and apartments, setting up power plants and railroads and charging exorbitant rent to anyone daring enough to land on our property.  Sure we changed a few rules for simplicity’s sake and we only make a little progress each evening but it’s been unexpectedly fun.

Sister, on the other hand, has no use for complicated games.  She bought a horse.  A stuffed horse which she has slept with every night since it came home.  She’s eight and in my mind eight is old enough to be past stuffed animals.  Certainly I (with all my “care and forethought”) didn’t buy her any but given the choice that what she picked.

Dora, in case you’re wondering, bought shoes and the most adorable pair of leggings you have ever seen in your entire life.  She couldn’t help it. “Baby, it’s cold outside” and all that.


*this post backdated for chronological reasons


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