Sister, at eight, knows the truth.  Brother, at five, still believes.  Dora, at 5 months, remains undecided.  To mollify Brother and allow Dora a chance at decision we made the annual obligatory trek to see the big guy.  But this year, we were smart.  This year no waiting hours in line at the mall for us.  Oh, no.  This year we’d go the Bass Pro’s Winter Wonderland where they hand out passes and you get to walk around the store instead of standing in line. Then when it’s your time you walk straight into ye ol’ Wonderland, see Santa, and walk away happy …. at least in theory.

We arrived at 3pm and stood in line to receive our pass surrounded by the madness that is Christmas shopping on a Saturday.  I almost hyperventilated from the activity.  We homeschoolers tend to go places when there are no crowds.  You know – when everyone else is in school.  All that hustle and bustle made me want to run and hide but Will gave me a paper bag (not really) and had me do some yoga breathing (not really) and within a few minutes I was back to normal (not really).

BassProChristmas 001

Here’s Brother with our pass by the way.  Did I mention we arrived at 3:00?  Um, yeah.

BassProChristmas 002

Fortunately there were activities to occupy the time.

BassProChristmas 005

Reindeer candy canes, anyone?  (This staffer was actually bursting with enthusiasm but I asked if she could please stop with the effusive smiling already as it was distracting attention from my cutie of a child.)

BassProChristmas 003

Baby candy cane, anyone? (Couldn’t get this guy to stop smiling no matter what I said.)

BassProChristmas 008

And then the children got eaten by a bear.

BassProChristmas 009

(not really)

BassProChristmas 010

Eventually we made it back to the North Pole and stood in line 30 minutes (um, yeah) where Dora who had been awake and happy since we arrived fell asleep on my shoulder.  Let me just say that handing a sleeping baby over to Santa is a precarious endeavor.


In the end all was well.  Though Dora is still undecided. … Guess that means we’ll be going back next year.


*this post backdated for chronological reasons