Magnetic Magic

One year for a birthday long, long ago I got Will a magnet of a special sort.  Mostly it sits in a drawer but every now and he takes it out to amaze the children.

FloatingTop 001

The amazing floating top.

Attack of the amazing floating top.

This is what happens when Will has extra time on his hands.  It’s why we try to keep him busy.


*edited to add:

Could this writer possibly have used the word “amazing” any more in this post?  She needs to get a thesaurus. (I always talk in third person when admitting my faults.  It makes me feel less … um … faulty.)



2 thoughts on “Magnetic Magic

  1. Hehe. I was giggling through that whole second video. Also, Brother looks so much like his dad. Of course you probably are aware of that.

    I tend to use the same words again and again. I have a thesaurus, but I worry that if I use a word that I probably can’t pronounce, that even though I’m not reading my post aloud to you, you’ll know I’m trying to sound smart, so I rarely use the thesaurus words.

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