Did You Have Fun? They Did.

Halloween 001

Sister switched from her elaborate cheetah costume to an equally elaborate Chinese girl look while Brother switched from karate guy to crocodile finally settling on pirate firefighter.  We added an angel at the last minute.  The potential for stress was high and yet the prospect of more candy than they could eat in a year kept everybody on the positive side.  Especially Dora…. see how positive she looks.

Halloween 004b

We went to a local church for Trunk or Treat (apparently everyone’s doing it) and the kids’ had a blast.  Will appreciated the free hot dogs.

Halloween 006

I, on the other hand, got poked in the chin some 14 billion times by that silly hat and did not collect candy.


In other news, we created 80+ Halloween cards to exchange at our homeschool costume party where Sister did dress up as a cheetah and Brother was a karate guy.

 HalloweenCards 002 HalloweenCards 004 

I was a wet blanket by the way.  No really, that was my costume … a wet blanket.

Halloween and I ~ we have issues.


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