Currently On My Bookshelf and Other Sundry Places About the House

A read-aloud and cookbooks by fellow bloggers (this one and this one).  Though I don’t know if I can really refer to them as “fellow” bloggers since they each receive more traffic in a day than I see in a year.  Still, a girl can dream.

Food for the soul.

Lessons to be learned

Just Finished on the bottom (Betsy-Tacy recommended here) , In the Queue between (Follow My Leader and The Phantom Tollbooth) and two delightful picture books on top.

I first checked these out from the library and fell in love with their adorable illustrations (Jim Arnosky has a number of wildlife books we like as well.)  Thinking to myself that such small books would most likely be well within budget I headed over to Amazon to place my order.  Imagine my surprise at finding prices started at $49.95 and went up!  Apparently I’m not the only one who likes these out of print books.  For two years I’ve been waiting for them to drop to a reasonable level.  Reasonable being a relative term here since I hardly expected to get them for the $4.95 listed inside the cover.  Finally for a paltry $20 I acquired them both.  I’ve been gratified too to see both the children return to them again and again in the week they’ve been here.

What are you and your children reading?


2 thoughts on “Currently On My Bookshelf and Other Sundry Places About the House

  1. Lucy is into reading any books with or about cows. Cows are where it’s at right now. Did you know they go moo? We discuss this every day.

    Julia is just plain reading. I can’t suggest my box of peanut brittle is really fake vomit to keep her out of it. She knows vomit isn’t written anywhere on that box. Darn.

    I’m reading Sexual Intelligence by Kim Cattrall and The Get Fuzzy Experience. Clearly, I’m an intellecutal.

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