Because She’s Still Too Young to Love Boys

We belong to an awesome homeschool group.  Our leader is always finding unique opportunities to explore and while we can’t attend everything Tuesday’s event, a guided tour at the Arabian Horse Show, has been on our calendar for over a month. You’ll remember, of course, that we have a little girl ~ an eight year old girl to be exact ~ prime horse lovin’ age.

ArabianHorseShow 003

ArabianHorseShow 001

ArabianHorseShow 004

See that little bit of white in his forelock (the hair between his ears)?  They threw that on special just for us; so we could see how a horse is groomed for a show.  In reality that is probably the most unkempt this horse has been since birth.

ArabianHorseShow 007

Actually Sister’s seen, touched, ridden many a horse at this point but when you’re eight and you love horses it’s always exciting.


One thought on “Because She’s Still Too Young to Love Boys

  1. What a fun trip! There’s a local homeschooling group in my area that takes awesome trips. I’m not a part of them, but I read their blog and steal their ideas for our playgroup. The rest of my group thinks I’m super awesome and resourceful. I just smile and practice accepting compliments.

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