Math You Do

What are you going to do if your lesson plans say “teach math” and your little boy would much rather be “doing” things.

You’ll “do” math, of course.

Math 003

Math facts sheet + coffee beans + glue and a later a speed round of flashcards.

This was fun but not quite enough doing to go another round so for the next session we moved on to a different sort of manipulative.  (By the by, I’ve always thought they called them manipulatives because you manipulate them with your hands but now I’m beginning to think it’s because they allow the teacher to manipulate the student into doing math.)

Math 007

Math 009

We even got an art lesson in here.  Do you see it?  Yellow and blue make …. ?

Math 004

Clearly he’s enthralled.


One thought on “Math You Do

  1. Julia’s favorite math you do: subtraction, with food. “See mom? There are ten cookies. Oh! Now, nine. Because I ate one! Now, what if I eat three?”

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