How Way Leads on to Way

Started this morning by pulling a Child’s History of the World from the shelf.  Chapters 14 to 17 were on the docket.  A nursing baby allowed us to make it through the first two and we might have made it further except Sister called a halt to everything for a lengthy discussion on Spartan vs Athenian society. (She much prefers Athenian ways and I am inclined to agree.)

With history attempted for the day, we moved on to science.  By combining wire, a straw and a large battery we manufactured a solenoid



With our creation we were then able to create a train signal that actually moved. 


And if your going to have a train signal then you must have a train

Train 027

which of course will need a track.


It’s possible that your train set will have a duck crossing sign. 


If it does you will be obligated to have ducks. 


Your ducks will, of course, need a pond 


and people to feed them fake bits of bread.


Your pond will probably be near some trees


and what are trees without birds in them.


I love it when class schedules are determined by imagination and clocks are for timing trains.

Train 026



One thought on “How Way Leads on to Way

  1. Oh, what fun! So much fun. And learning!

    I can’t remember the last time I did a project with the girls that didn’t have an endtime determined by a scheduled event. That makes me kind of sad.

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